Wanting a Better Academic Choice for her Son

Cynthia Garcia wanted a better academic choice for her gifted son, CJ, who wasn’t being challenged enough at his traditional bricks and mortar elementary school.

Once CJ had completed half of his second-grade school year in 2010, Cynthia and her husband exhaustively researched alternative curriculums and found a perfect fit in the California Virtual Academies (CAVA) and its curriculum provided by K12.

“CAVA has been extremely important to the development of my child because it has met his educational needs,” Cynthia said. She noted that her son always finished first in his class, but his learning environment at his former school was little more than babysitting. “Virtual learning for us was the best choice. CAVA was our choice.”

Cynthia indicated that if she didn’t have the opportunity to make a better choice for her son’s educational future, his academic development would have been severely stunted. This could have also had devastating consequences on his test-taking abilities and many other skills. “Because my husband and I are educators, we knew this was the best avenue for our son,” Cynthia said.

Having parental choice, Cynthia noted, was paramount in ensuring that CJ received the best education possible. Their choice was to educate their son through CAVA and noted that the curriculum complemented their son’s academic talents in ways traditional schools could not. Because of this fact, it was easy for her to dismiss naysayers of online education programming who claim that students don’t receive the same quality education as provided by the traditional school system.

“My message to critics who believe that they know better than I, as his parent, what is best for my kid, is that they educate themselves. CAVA might not be the choice for everyone, but it is the best choice for us,” Cynthia said, adding that she has the right to decide what is best for her child and that parental choice should be protected.

“If anybody tried to take away [CAVA], I would be very upset,” Cynthia said, adding that CJ would be severely disadvantaged educationally if CAVA was no longer available as a learning resource. “If people or critics could take away our option for our child to learn the way he’s been learning at CAVA these past six years, it would put our family at a very difficult crossroads.”

“CAVA has been perfect,” she said. “It provides the right amount of accountability that I need as a learning coach, and it’s also provided him with an amazing curriculum.”

Cynthia is a motivated and engaged parent who has the right to make the best educational choice for her son. Her choice is CAVA.

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