Van Den Eykel Family: The Power of Choice

Van Den Eykel Family

California Virtual Academies is returning to parents, like Christine Van Den Eykel, something they’ve lost long ago in the traditional public school system: the power of choice.

Christine credits CAVA and the K12 curriculum with providing her a pivotal role, stronger voice and better options in educating her three sons “D”, “N” and “M”. As a former teacher, Christine said she knew firsthand how the curriculum and teaching styles at bricks and mortar schools underserved her kids. She was also discouraged that her young brood wasn’t being taught the values that she and her husband instilled in them at home.

“I was a teacher and trained in what to look for in a school system. I knew I needed to look into something else,” said Christine.

A fellow parent at the taekwondo class her children attended, recommended that Christine look into CAVA. Impressed by the organization, technology and rigor of the K12 curriculum, Christine enrolled her oldest son “D” into CAVA when he was in fifth grade.

“I got excited about the K12 curriculum…it’s such a rich curriculum. I had training in junior grade books and I saw the same materials were given to my son,” said Christine, adding that her role as a learning coach empowered her to make better decisions for her son’s education. “The best part of being a learning coach is that I can determine what my child needs.  I feel a lot more confident in my choices.”

Before CAVA, “D” was disorganized and unfocused. And, despite being on a special track for gifted students, his grades didn’t reflect his academic talents. “I couldn’t get organized properly and learning to be organized is one of the great things about CAVA. They give you all the tools that you need,” said “D”, who is currently in 11th grade, a straight-A student and plans to study engineering in college. He added that easy access to his teachers via email and phone was instrumental to his success.

“The teacher connection with students during the online session is probably more prominent than many people might expect,” said “D”. “They can post online blackboard sessions so that I can review a session with them and they can help me learn the lesson.”

Christine was so pleased by “D”’s progress, she enrolled his younger brothers “N” and “M”, who are currently in 7th and 4th grades respectively.

The Van Den Ekyle’s said CAVA not only set the kids on a more prosperous path educationally, it also strengthened their family bond. “As brothers, we are much closer at CAVA,” said “D”.

Initially, Christine was nervous about her ability to help educate all of her sons at home, while maintaining discipline.

“I actually found that we got much closer as a family and some of the disciplinary problems that we had went away,” she said. “Some of the kids were seeking attention before, now they get more and are happier.”

CAVA gives concerned parents like Christine a powerful voice and choice.

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