Tell Us Your Story

Tell Us Your Story

Do you want to tell the story of your CAVA experience?

We want to hear and share your story.

You can type it below, upload a file, or better yet, make a short video with your phone. On the right are instruction for making an easy “White Card Video” to tell your story.

Our hashtag is #HandsOffMySchool, and feel free to use it in your story.


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Here are some examples of the types of stories to share:

–  Tell us about your child, or tell us about yourself.

–  Tell us why CAVA was your choice, and why it fits your life.

–  How would you feel if CAVA was not available?

–  Tell us about your favorite subject, or your favorite class at CAVA.

Make a “White Card Video”

You can tell your story with a “White Card Video”. It’s easy to make quickly, and a great way to say #HandsOffMySchool to special interests. See a “how to” demo below.