My son was crying every single day… He was being bullied and picked on

Miriam Snyder’s daughter wants to be an animal trainer when she grows up and her son aspires to become an aviator. The California Virtual Academies (CAVA) is putting both of her junior high school kids on track to achieve their career goals and rise to their fullest potential.

Before CAVA, her son and daughter weren’t able to dream about their futures because they couldn’t see past the rampant bullying and teacher hostility they experienced at their brick-and-mortar schools, Miriam said.

They were being bullied and picked on.

“My son was crying every single day when he came home from school. He was being bullied and picked on. He was miserable,” Miriam said. “He was spending all day long in the counseling office in middle school.”

Her daughter, currently in seventh grade and autistic, didn’t fare much better. “She was crying and working really, really hard. But, the teacher berated her by saying she was not trying hard enough.”

Miriam said she’d had enough. When her family moved to California from Arizona nearly four years ago, she decided to explore alternative learning environments for her two kids, including scholarships for private schools. After extensive research, she discovered CAVA and was impressed by the staff and the services that were offered. She left her oldest daughter in her traditional school where she thrived.

She had the choice to decide on CAVA.

Miriam said it was critical that she had the choice to decide which learning environment best suited her three children. Her family’s situation underscores why there shouldn’t be a one-size-fits-all approach to education.

“It was really important as a parent that I had that choice because my kids are all unique. We’ve come to rely on CAVA and the one-on-one attention that my kids can get,” with the K12 curriculum, she said.

Her daughter is now at grade-level in math and her son, in eighth grade, has more confidence. “No one knows your child as well as you do,” Miriam said.

Miriam shutters to think if CAVA ceased to exist.

“I fear that if my son were to be put back into a traditional school, he would be picked on again. CAVA has given him some tools to handle bullying and he has made some really good friends,” she said.

CAVA is already providing her daughter with a valuable opportunity in her pursuit of becoming a dog trainer: she is currently in talks with her parents about adopting and raising a guide dog puppy.

“We can do that now, because we’re at home. At a traditional public school, they don’t necessarily want a puppy,” Miriam said.

Miriam, passionate about ensuring academic success and a safe space for her kids, made an informed choice with CAVA.

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