A Roadmap To Success for my Daughter

Sarah Jared’s daughter, “M”, is a vibrant 10-year old in fourth grade,  who is passionate about art and music and loves engaging with her teachers online at California Virtual Academies every morning.

For Sarah, seeing her daughter thrive and demonstrating this level of enthusiasm for learning was difficult to even imagine just a few years ago. In second grade, “M” was diagnosed with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). Because of her disability, “M” was distracted in class, turned in assignments late and was unable to complete tests, all resulting in poor grades and low confidence.

Sarah’s many attempts to seek help from “M”’s former bricks and mortar school were derailed by teachers and administrators who claimed that there was little they could do to help her little girl reach her full academic potential. She ran into one bureaucratic dead end after another.

“They told me there wasn’t much in the classroom that they could do because the teachers couldn’t focus on just one kid,” Sarah said in frustration. “The best they could do is try to accommodate her in State testing.”

Refusing to let the traditional public school system define “M” by her disability, Sarah took control of her daughter’s academic future and sought better alternatives. When she discovered CAVA, she recalled saying, “’That’s it.’ I signed up and I don’t regret it one bit.”

CAVA, with the curriculum, technology and dedicated educators provided by K12, gave “M” a roadmap to success. The virtual academy ensured that “M” received the individual attention she needed from her teachers while using K12’s groundbreaking curriculum to let her work at her own pace.

Sarah noted that the accessibility and support that she received daily from all of the CAVA teachers and administrators demonstrated to her that the academy is committed to “M”’s development and places great value on her role as a parent and learning coach.

“She went from needing improvement at the standard school to exceeding expectations at CAVA. That’s just phenomenal,” said Sarah. “If CAVA didn’t exist, or was taken away, I would be really scared for “M”’s future.”

Sarah is a concerned and involved parent that deserves to have a choice for daughter’s education. Her choice is CAVA.

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