Rebecca Mortier: Excelling in Education

Rebecca teaches at CAVA

Despite growing up in a family of mathematicians, Rebecca Mortier, the high school coordinator of California Virtual Academies Los Angeles campus, wasn’t a natural in the subject.

“I always struggled at math. I didn’t love being in math classes and I didn’t understand the content,” said Rebecca, whose three siblings and mother are all math teachers.

That didn’t stop Rebecca from trying to excel in math and eventually receiving her masters degree in math education. I decided that “if I really took the time to think about it and ask a lot of questions, I can develop my own conceptual understanding of math,” said Rebecca.

Rebecca drew on her past hurdles in conquering math to help her CAVA high school students overcome similar challenges. As a principal for roughly 1,300 students, she instills this same approach in the four administrators and 60 instructors that she oversees.

“A lot of my own students have those same insecurities and fears,” she said. “I was able to take the knowledge I had learned…and take that to these high school students. To me this is what education is all about.”

After teaching high school math for eight years at a bricks and mortar school in San Diego, Rebecca notes that there are major limitations in the traditional public school system when ensuring that students don’t fall through the cracks and guiding them to reach their full academic potential.

Rebecca said that CAVA, with the ground-breaking curriculum provided by K12, is best structured to assure that students receive the individual attention and customized support that they need to succeed.  In many cases, CAVA teachers are more accessible than educators in a traditional bricks and mortar school.

“Our students come to us with so many different learning styles, some disabilities and some issues they needed to overcome from the bricks and mortar school,” she said. “The most important thing is the kids and that they really are developing a deep understanding of what they’re doing.”  Rebecca, a compassionate educator and example why California parents pick CAVA and the K12 curriculum as the best choice for their kids.

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