No one is going to tell me what is best for my daughter

Patricia Herrarte turned to one of the California Virtual Academies (CAVA) when her daughter, “S”, needed a safe space to learn after being bullied at her bricks and mortar middle school.

“There were times when we were called into the school because a child threw food at her face. She was verbally and physically abused and that caused a lot of pain for her,” Patricia said. “It was important for me to put my daughter in a safe place, which is CAVA.”

At her wits’ end on how “S” was being treated at her traditional school and dismayed by her failing grades in writing and math, Patricia took the advice of friends whose kids were flourishing at CAVA and enrolled S into the virtual academy. That decision changed her daughter’s life. S’s self-esteem improved as she turned failing grades into consistently high marks and forged positive friendships.

“CAVA is the greatest thing we found for her,” Patricia said. “The local school was a horrible experience because they never put my daughter first. Never!”

Patricia believes that what critics of online education systems don’t understand is that parents are seeing their kids being neglected, abused and disengaged at their brick-and-mortar schools every day. They should have the right to choose the best and safest environment for their kids, she said.

“No one is going to tell me what’s best for S,” she said. “Having a child that is constantly bullied at school is the worst thing you can experience as a parent. And I want (the critics) to know that.”

Patricia says the CAVA’s curriculum provided by K12, allows S to receive the one-on-one attention that she needs from caring, passionate and engaged educators. She likes the fact that CAVA teachers are always available to answer her questions. As an added benefit, Patricia is fully-equipped and prepared to help “S” with her homework, as her learning coach.

“I don’t think the teachers even (cared) if my daughter did her homework or not,” Patricia noted regarding her daughter’s former brick-and-mortar school.

She said that “S” will not return to a traditional school system and that if the virtual academy was suddenly not available as a resource, “S’s” academic future would be imperiled.

“Not knowing what she’s going through at the local school just terrifies me,” Patricia said.

Patricia is a dedicated parent who knows what’s best for her daughter’s education and that choice is CAVA.

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