I kept looking at my wife getting sicker and sicker… we decided to enroll my daughter at CAVA.

When cancer left Arturo Garcia’s wife incapacitated and unable to take their daughter to the local elementary school, he knew they needed to find an alternative to the bricks and mortar system. One of the California Virtual Academies (CAVA) was their solution.

I kept looking at my wife getting sicker and sicker as her tumor was growing,” Arturo said. He noted his grueling work schedule also made it difficult for him to pick K up from school. In addition to their long list of hardships, their fourth grader also struggled in her studies because of a severe learning disability.

“That’s when we decided to enroll her in CAVA,” Arturo said, adding that the virtual academy and K12’s ground-breaking curriculum transformed K’s academic performance and boosted her confidence.

“CAVA greatly benefits my family because I get to go to work and provide for my family,” Arturo said. He expressed immense gratitude for having the opportunity to provide both a quality education while still maintaining a career that would financially support his family. Having the ability to make such an important and rewarding choice for his daughter’s education is imperative and he believes every parent has the right to decide what is best for their children, especially when dealing with special circumstances.

“It’s our choice. As a parent we decide what is best for our kids,” Arturo said. He believes that critics of online education don’t have the same first-hand insight as a parent and can’t pass judgment until they walk in their shoes. “We love CAVA and if they take it away, they are taking our choice away,” he said.

CAVA has been such a success with K that Arturo’s middle daughter and aspiring doctor, will enroll in CAVA as a sophomore next year.

In addition to the poor learning environment and overcrowded classrooms at traditional public schools, Arturo was concerned for his daughters’ safety, worrying that they would be subjected to bullying, just as he had, in junior high.

“I am worried about bullying because they don’t do anything about it,” Arturo said of school administrators. “I even talked to the principal about what the school was doing to combat bullying. There was no response.”

The individualized attention that K receives from CAVA educators, as well as the strong support system she has at home from her mom and oldest sister Merylin, has contributed to K’s success. Merylin is responsible for spearheading the initial research into CAVA programming after seeing her little sister fall behind in the traditional school system.

“When my mom got cancer, it pushed us to make the decision,” Merylin said. “We did a lot of research on K12 and were encouraged by the positive influence it had on other students. We thought it could help my sister,” Merylin said.

“CAVA has helped K a lot. We saw drastic changes in her grades,” Merylin said.

She said if CAVA was no longer a resource, her family would be “stressed and devastated.”

The Garcia family made an informed choice for K’s special educational needs. The best choice for their family is CAVA.

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