Political Special Interests Are Attacking School Choice…

Please Ask Assemblymember Susan Bonilla to Withdraw AB1084

Across California, powerful political special interests are attacking your right to choose your own school for your children. Their latest target is California Virtual Academies, the public online charter schools that teach some 14,000 children… children who have been bullied, or face medical challenges, or live in underperforming school districts and benefit from personalized education tailored to their exceptional talents. These special interest forces want to make your school choice for you and take away your voice.

We’ve seen this before. These are the same groups who try to dictate where your kids are taught, what they learn, even how they learn. We believe you have the right to make your own choices about where and how to educate your children. This website tells the stories of parents and students like you, and offers you tools to speak up and be heard in Sacramento and across California.

Bonilla_headshotALERT: Assemblymember Susan Bonilla of the California Legislature has proposed AB1084, a bill that would compromise your ability to choose how to educate your children by limiting the operations of virtual charter schools like K12. You can read the details here.

This bill undermines your family’s access to a quality, public virtual school and puts the educational opportunities of all California students at risk. We urge every California parent to stand up for parental choice by calling Assemblymember Bonilla’s office at (916) 319-2014 and ask that she withdraw this bill and preserve the rights of families to decide what is best for their children.

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